Company Introduction

Inspired by the fast growing infrastructure and power needs in 2004, SURAJ MICROTECH ENGINEERS began with little more in the way of machinery than a lathe, drill and milling machine. Over the time Suraj Microtech Engineers have cemented its position as the trusted partner for its client’s manufacturing process in Thermal Power, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Cement Plants, Steel Plants and many other heavy engineering sectors.

Precision machining and machined parts are an important part of our business we offer a full service plant with the capability to machine large components for the heavy industry. We have a large variety of machine for general or specialty machining. Our facility allows us to turn large diameter pieces. Large component precision machining is our specialty. Whether it’s one or one hundred, producing high quality machined component and parts is an integral part of our success. We offer a wide range of equipment and services for milling, machining, drilling, boring and turning.

We continue to invest heavily in state of the art machine tools and tooling. We also continue seeking new methods and materials that have always put up a step ahead of our competitors. We offer only the best in precision machining. The extensiveness and size of the equipment enables the team to handle any size job at any time making the choice for all of the customer’s heavy machining projects. No matter how big the job, Company has the experience, equipment and facilities to get the job done fast, on time and with high degree of quality.

It was the dedication and vision towards the future that brought the company from those humble beginnings to the current operations with 23000sq. foot of manufacturing space. The success is attributed to the capability to machine parts with little or no outsourcing of subsequent operations. Located in Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). SURAJ MICROTECH ENGINEERS is a unique manufacturer specializing in heavy machining.

Quality Assurance

At Suraj Microtech Engineers, We have a strong commitment to growing our company in a sustainable way, it includes delivering consistent service and Quality for the customers, Valuing and challenging our employees and working to improve the communities in which we operate and serve.

Our Team

The team is highly skilled and experienced craftsman, who takes pride in working to the highest standards. The team has the knowledge, resources and equipments to exclusively support the customer’s requirements.

Over 35 qualified machinist, state of the art equipments and engineering personnel are capable of manufacturing and fixing to meet all large machining needs.

Our customers recognize this quality by relying on Suraj Microtech Engineers as their trusted source. SMTE is dedicated to offering customers the finest possible products and services detailed to meet even toughest specifications.

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